Very strange problem: wireless doesn't work if processor is running at full speed


Nov 27, 2004
I've got a compaq v2718wm who's wireless will not transmit if the processor is running at full speed. I originally had a case open with HP about it, because at the time it seemed as if the wireless only worked when it was unplugged. After a few emails back and forth, I changed the power profile to "Minimal Power Management" and back to "Portable/Laptop". This seemed to have worked (but only on the surface). Thinking all was well, I closed the case. This is was all on the default crapware install of XP Home that came on it.

I've since reformated with my copy of XP Pro, and the same problems cropped back up. After some very through testing, I've determined the wireless doesn't work if the processor is running at full speed. At first, wireless wouldn't work at all. After the reformat, that was the first thing I loaded, but it wouldn't work, plugged in or not. Upset, I just decided to shrug it off and do windows update and download the rest of the drivers from compaq. After all that, the wireless started working again. But, I started to play games and my connection would cut in and out. After being very fustrated at this seemingly random behavior, and trying to trouble shoot many different angles, I think I figured it out. I downloaded the AMD clock from AMDs site. With this running, I was able to test my theory. Every time it would hit 1800MHz (full speed for my proc), the wireless would stop working. As soon as it would drop down, it would work again. The strange thing, even when the processor is at full speed, it can still see other networks in range. This is the only thing that makes sense, becuase before I did all the driver updates, the processor would have been at 1.8Ghz the whole time.

Anyways, does anyone have any suggestions that involve software? I'm pretty sure that this is a hardware issue, and if so, I'm going to request that HP either fix or replace my laptop.

Has anyone even heard of a problem like this before?