Very good list of SAS/SATA controllers


Dec 5, 2010
there are a lot of if and when in such a list.

only supported on..
not supportet on..
only supported up to or from ZFS version
hard to find..

if you are looking for a really trouble free solution especially
with Solaris based ZFS, use always the "best are" solutions,
mostly those used by SUN/Oracle for their own storage solutions
(ex LSI 1068 based ones or the successor based on LSI 2008).

They are and will be supported always on every current and
future release. Solaris* is not mainstream like Windows or Linux.
Handle it like a Mac: most parts do not run, some maybee but
on own risk and some are always trouble free - use them only !

If they are too expensive (up from 130 euro new), buy used ones
or use onboard sata with larger disks.