Verizon Offering $70 FiOS Gigabit Service for New Customers

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    Here's the full break down of what I will be paying as a "new" customer. I stop being a customer on Friday and start being a new customer on Saturday. This only works really if you aren't under a contract or don't mind paying $10/remaining month to break your contract.

    Services Ordered: Monthly Amount
    Triple Play $134.99
    –Fios Digital Voice Unlimited
    –Fios TV Ultimate HD
    –Fios Gigabit Connection
    –$10 Special 36 Mo. Discount thru Apr 29, 2020
    –$10 Special 36 Mo. Discount thru Apr 29, 2020
    –$5 Special 12 Mo. Discount thru Apr 30, 2018
    –$5 Special 24 Mo. Discount thru Apr 30, 2019
    –$115 Special Bundle Discount Included
    Fios Quantum TV - Enhanced Service - $20 per month no charge thru Apr 30, 2019 Fee Waived
    Rent: HD Set-Top Box 2 $24.00
    $2 TV Equipment Package Discount Included -$2.00
    Pick Your Premiums - $15 per month no charge thru Apr 30, 2018 Fee Waived
    Estimated Monthly Subtotal $156.99
    Taxes, Fees and Other Verizon Charges $12.85
    Regional Sports Network Fee $6.39
    Fios TV Broadcast Fee $3.49
    Estimated Monthly Total^ $179.72
    One Time Charges: Charge
    Fios Setup $90.00
    Buy: Fios Quantum Gateway Router $149.99

    Break down: $180/month for first year, $200/month for second year and $225/month for third year (unless I play this game again!).
    gigabit Internet (F yeah!)
    Ultimate HD package with DVR and 2x STBs +HBO (gotta have my GOT fix!)
    Phone (which will never be used but oddly saves me money)

    The current price I was paying was $210/month for the same thing but only 150/150 internet!
    This breaks down to a savings of $60 over the next three years when including everything (discounts, fees, installation, and router).

    BTW, this was copied directly from my bill, so it's not speculation, this is my actual amount.
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    Bees, where did you see that this applies to existing customers? It doesn't seem that way.
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    From the article. nightrider in the previous post noted the pertinent information.