VDI with horizon 7.5.1


May 8, 2010
I have a vmware horizon 7.5.1 environment with 4 host in a cluster. I’m provisioning windows 10 guest in my desktop pool, I also have nvidia grid gpu’s assigned to be used by the guest machines that also are configured with 6gig of ram and 2 cpu’s each. I have about 300 vdi guest and in the cluster I have a total of 249.02 GHZ of CPU, 1.5TB of memory in the cluster. I want to configure resource pools to prevent the guests from maxing out the resources in the cluster, given the total resources of the cluster how should my resource pools be configured?

Edit - I wanted to add this: I have users that stream video from various internet websites and from local network shares using applications like the vlc player. I have another cluster that has about 300 vdi guest in it but that environment doesn't have GPUs so or any resource pools configured, so they often have issues with video/audio quality choppy audio and video cuts in and out. The utilization is typically almost maxed out on CPU & Ram in this cluster.
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