Vanity Fair Editor Sues Twitter Troll For Giving Him A Seizure

I don't know who the bigger idiot is... It may be an ass move.. but you'd think living with epilepsy during his life.. you'd have precautions against such things especially after the first time it happened months ago.

I don't really care to get into the legal issues.. if nothing else the person who sent it needs a punch in the face.
If this was the first time I might have more sympathy for the guy. However, if you are prone to seizures, you should be making sure you are using safe browsing settings. Making sure the auto plays are disabled and whatever else you need to do. Sure this time was a guy that knowingly knew his weakness, but what if something was posted without the malicious intent and same thing happened. If you put yourself in a position where you are opening yourself up to potential risk, do a quick double check of settings.

The guy has had this happen before, at least once this year where he just dropped the tablet in time. I'm sure in years past he's had issues also. After the first time of it ever happening, before he loads up a browser, he should be checking to make sure the settings are right. Not putting the blame on someone else when he's using a device that could hurt him. Regardless of whether the intent was malicious or not, the fault originally lies with him not using a device safely for his medical conditions, putting himself in a position that let himself be harmed.

Anyone surprised that he lied? I mean, look at his profile pic :ROFLMAO: very shady. One would assume that he had a neck lol
A Twitter user may be held liable for assault after sending a Vanity Fair and Newsweek writer an auto-playing animation that gave him a seizure. I thought you could opt out of videos and GIFs that play automatically…

…this is the second time someone tweeted him a seizure-inducing animation this year. Back in October, Eichenwald wrote in Newsweek that someone pinged him with a video of "flashing circles and images of Pepe flying toward the screen" after he wrote about how the President-Elect's businesses could undermine national security. He was able to drop his iPad before the animation triggered a seizure that time, though -- he wasn't so lucky this time. In a series of tweets he sent out after the event, the editor announced that he's taking a Twitter break to pursue a case against @jew_goldstein.

So he knew he was being "attacked" by trolls and he knew he blinking images could trigger seizures, so he decides to 1. keep autoplay on and/or 2. open a video from a user named "jew_goldstein"

Btw, wtf is Vanity Fair's obsession with refugees?
Higher standards than Fox News, so I'd say that's fairly accurate :p

But both are still in the "Good for confirming your existing opinions but bad for convincing others. Be careful how much time you spend here" category, which also seems accurate to me.
no, nope, fucking no. Huffpost is far out there in lefty lalal land. Just reading their post election coverage they have lost their collective minds.
no, nope, fucking no. Huffpost is far out there in lefty lalal land. Just reading their post election coverage they have lost their collective minds.

Who's contributors, I might add, include Mr Robert Creamer and Scott Foval. Both men are powerful DNC insiders... who Project Veritas then outed as domestic terrorists for bird dogging and causing chaos at Bernie and Trump rallies.

Huffington Post is not an accurate source for news. It's propaganda.
Should have just sent him some links to some old Geocities websites (or Angelfire or whatever is still around). :) No intent at all, but same outcome.

But, it's fake. Fuck that asshole.
You know the thing that pisses me off the most is that this is a game to most people. Like they have no concept of much gray area there is in politics and so everybody turns it into Red vs Blue like it's something as simple as a basketball team rivalry. The fact that he just furthered that obnoxious term "deplorable" makes him just as much of an assclown as the people on here calling others Libtards. All the while we just keep sinking. Part of me feels bad that somebody attacked him like that and I genuinely hope the little shitbrick gets in trouble for it, but he's definitely lost an IQ point my eyes for making that last comment.

sigh of course I go look up the daily caller and it's another conservative clickbait site. Why do you guys feeds these sites? They're no better than Alternet or the huff post. It's all just reaffirming political clickbait.
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Classy. Victim blaming.

No...its called being a responsible adult. To blame everyone else for your own failure to maintain self preservation (not something that should be depended upon from, say, the Government either) is just ludicrous...It's not victim blaming (sniff) to point out the obvious. You're just not comfortable with it.