Valari Gaming Pillow

Ok have some more Covers on the way I had two 10.00 discount codes for mother's day free cover got a free rare grey cover in the Mystery Box. Have the Sage Velvet on the way Velvet covers are my preferred cover due to the ability to move from keyboard to controller say you need to adjust your inventory in Wartales because the controller won't sync in. I have about 16 covers now and still 5 whole pillows but I didn't count them.

I see the guys from Valari are interviewing the Crochet people on YouTube smart marketing move.

They made the zipper larger on all the new pillows unfortunately half of my pillows have the smaller zipper which can get jammed early adapter woes. Plus the smaller zipper is harder to zip up.

Had a swollen foot two weeks ago from work these pillows are excellent for bed rest and Rice.
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American Flag dezing? I'm not sure if I want that might have to buy another pillow just to get it. They been shipping my cover DHL slow yellow and red handling.