V3 VR Headset Allwinner Octa 2.0GHz 2G/16G WIFI 1080P $99 SHPD! GOT MINE TODAY!


Jul 15, 2004

V3 Allwinner H8VR 2.0GHz 2G/16G All In On Virtual Reality Headset

Got mine today, and man is it GREAT!! For what I paid, its everything and MORE! You can game on it, the little I have done so far. I have done some Pinball, Geometry Wars, Sonic, Pac Man, and a few others without any problems, BUT a controller is a MUST! I happen to have a bluetooth one, so Im all good. There is a bit of a screen door effect, but after a little bit, dont really notice it. The screen is bright, and the colors just pop. The 3D is AMAZING! The videos it comes with, via wifi, are freakin COOL as HELL! Figured how to get my 3D movies to work on it, has to be side by side, and stereo, decodes 5.1, so all you will hear is whats coming out of the front speakers if not in stereo but in 5.1, and no way to change it. Been wearing it for over 9 hours straight. Its like strapping my 120" big screen to my face, the thing hardly weighs anything at all.

Down sides:
Screen Door effect
Google Play keeps saying it crashes, though it keeps working (go figure)
Only 3+ hours video play back, but I use a 4'+ male to female usb extender cable and keep it pluged in
Wish I could hook it to my pc

Good Sides:
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I bought one anyway, will be here Tuesday, Im not expecting much considering it was but $99, should be fun to play with. Already knew it was going to be on the slow side, cant think for $99 it was going to blow doors off, but for video and messing around, or FPV rc should do just fine for me :D
Would this be any different than getting a Gear VR for my Galaxy S6 or one of those $15 VR-Shells on Amazon?
Your S6 would probably be better then this thing in terms of game play, and screen rez, this would be more an all in one on the cheap to get your feet wet to see if you would want to take it further if it seems to be your thing. This is the first run of them, the 2nd version with have more game support, this one is really for videos more then gaming.
Can this work with all games? Like iracing or dirt rally? Any game that supports VR?
Would this be any different than getting a Gear VR for my Galaxy S6 or one of those $15 VR-Shells on Amazon?
This would be far inferior. Your S6 and Gear VR will provide better performance, but of course those without an S6 have to front the $600+ for that phone out of pocket AND the $100 for the Gear VR. So for them, this is a cheap alternative. But if you own a S6 already, no point in this device.
Probably only useful as a remote client for RiftCat or for watching 360 video since the onboard specs are so poor. If you want to try out SteamVR over Wifi and don't have a compatible phone, you can use RiftCat to make your PC think this is a SteamVR headset.
I have no clue what your talking about, because I am having a kick ass time with this thig. As a emulator, this thing rocks, aint nothing like playing mario brothers, or sonic on a huge ass screen right in front of your face, or watching a 3d movie when going to bed at night. This has become my new favorite toy in the world!!!
Oh wow, it has enough oomph for 3D movies? Even that makes my S6 get hot as hell, I assume from rendering the 3D environment in the virtual movie theater.

But the 3D movies alone is definitely worth it, as I used that along with shooting ears that have speakers in them, and my crying baby horrible cramped flight was spectacular... completely immune from the noise pollution and claustrophobia.
OH yeah, it does 3d movies with no probs at all, and the pad on the side is a sensor pad. If your watching a movie, its like your the only one at a theater, and if you tap it it goes into movie mode, you tap it again and back in theater, and if you pause it the lights come on in the theater, its freakin cool as hell. Also you slide your finger up and down on the pad to navigate pages, no click buttons on that touch pad, just back, vol, power, and such. It has power to do some games as well, maybe not vr games very well, but most android games. It is android 4.4.1, so I am having fun finding out which works with it and my game pad. For $99, IMHO, it a a mother fuc...ing STEAL! Being able to at night watch movies in 2d or even 3 d with a headphones, in peace as if your watching on a 150" screen, sure there is a little screendoor effect, but so what, get over it, its 99 buck, its still very watchable, Im sooooooooo stoked, and thoes who speculate and dont get one and talk neg about it, shut up, get your hands on it and then youd be like me, I had some doubts, but hell 99 bucks, you'll get your 99 bucks out of it some way, trust me ;)

Android games
3D movies
2D movies
Some VR Games
and yes, Im about to try some 360 3d VR Porno
99 bucks, really, how the hell can you go wrong with just the above I mentioned and there is lots more to be had!

It has a full size USB, is there any way you guys know how to stream video from pc to this??? If so we can stream pc games then to if so! or use it as a monitor or something?? Or stream steam to it? Any ideas? I know Ive already took some of my Bluray 3d movies and copied them to my 64gb flash drive and it reads them off the stick using the USB in it. Its a PITA doing it, but it works none the less.
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Chinese knockoff crap entering the VR fray and trying to make a quick buck as expected...

Really, avoid, I beg to differ, I havent had this much fun on the cheap in a very long time. Granted it cant do games I found out like real racing 3, too much for it, but there are a ton of other games that use a joy pad out there that it will do just fine, and then it has links built in to wifi 3d 360 mini movies to watch, and 360 mini movies (a SHIT ton) to down load , to watch, does regular 3d movies, plus 2d, and all the rest it can do. You very well get you $99 bucks out of it. So to say avoid, you are soooooo further from the truth in saying that IMHO.
LOL, no, its in color, and has great color to boot, the color of the unit itself is in B&W. And BTW peeps, this thing is good enough to play GTA III on it, just tried, and no slow down.
Friend got one, colossal piece of shit. I'd skip this and put the money towards a Vive or an S6
Im not sorry, nor do I find it a piece of shit, been having fun with it since day one, and watching a movie to bed every night with it. So.....to each their own. Is it a S6, no, but I wasnt looking for it to be either.
Im not sorry, nor do I find it a piece of shit, been having fun with it since day one, and watching a movie to bed every night with it. So.....to each their own. Is it a S6, no, but I wasnt looking for it to be either.

Look, this forum isn't exactly the target demographic for this type of device. Most here are going to have a cell phone that simply buying a decent VR shell for is going to net them a device that is far superior to this thing. I totally believe you when you say that you think this thing is awesome, I also believe that the bar is set incredibly low for you when it comes to VR. This is not in the same league as other devices out there. You of all people should know that people on this board are going to be very critical about hardware specs, an area where this device is sorely lacking. I am glad you are getting your money's worth, but I feel your evangelizing of this product is falling on deaf ears here.
funboy, one review of this product is sufficient. You don't have to keep replying or defending said device, it's starting to look like you're an apologist for it.
Well actually I fell like I do because people who have no hands on with it, or feel as though they need to compare it to a s6, or a vive, or have absolutely no hands on with it at all come in here and say stay away, or call it a piece of shit, to fully understand what a $99 unit is supposed to be used for. What rights do they have to come in here and crap all over this thinking this is competing with a $600 phone and a $100 head unit, when this costs as much as just the head unit, and put it down? Compare it apples to apples, Im trying to help those as I that want to get their feet wet, with something that has everything built in, yes on the cheap, but why is it ok for others without hands on OK to come in here and put it down, and I cant defend what its really supposed to be, and what Ive been able to continue to find out what it can do, OVER, what it was supposed to be sold for, which was really just doing videos? I know if I was looking to buy something, Id find that very helpful to know that something geared towards just doing mostly videos can do everything I been finding out its able to do past that, while YES trying to defend that over the asshats that come in and call it garbage, shit, a S6 (NO DUH) is going to be better. Its $99, now $139, and still worth it IMO, for what IT is, and I have every right to defend it if I want, for I have hands on with it, and know what it is and does, and continue to find out more it can do almost everyday, how about you?
FYI, you can 'hook' it up to your PC via intranet wlan if you install SwatterCo - VR Streamer from the Google Play store. I tried it a few times with my Zeiss VR One, but the latency is still a little to high for FPS games.
Read the reviews on the product, I think OP is invested in it

I'd doubt he's invested in it, vr is really cool and easy to get excited about.

That said you can pick up cheap chinese phones or used phones and throw them in a google cardboard / one of those plastic vr things and probably have a similar and more upgradeable experience.