User Change request form

Apr 28, 2006
I'm looking for something that can help me create the following.

I want a form that a user can fill out with a series of pulldown menu selections. It is pretty much an IT request permissions for user form.

Like lets say we hire a new employee. I want it so the manager can go to this form and they can can click the pulldown menu and it will have selections like "New Hire" or "Need access to folder"

If they click "New Hire" below that area where it WAS blank there is now a box where they can now have access to a pulldown bar that has a list of all job positions. But lets say instead of click "New Hire" they click "Need access to folder" instead. Well Now in the blank area under the form you get a box where a user can type in information such as "z:\payroll" or something.

I pretty much want what shows up on the document to change depending on what selection the user has made

I would prefer free software but I am open to paid.