USB Headphones and Conflicts


Sep 18, 2006
I've been using my DSP 500 headphones for nearly a year now. No problem at all until I go to use an XBOX 360 controller with my headphones on. I've been using the controller with regular soundcard speakers without problems. However, the other day I put on my headphones and went to play some Moto GP 07 and there was cracking/popping/static. Took me awhile, but I figured out that the controller was causing problems. I unplugged it, rebooted, and I had my sound back. Good thing I found the problem too, cuz I thought the headphones went bad and I was on amazon looking to buy a new pair which, of course, wouldn't have worked either. I was unable to find new drivers for the headphones. I found the latest drivers for the contoller, but they didn't fix the problem.
Anyone else had similar issues with USB headphones conflicting with USB controllers?