usb dvdrw


Oct 9, 2008
ya still sucks i know i use one and need one sometimes any ideas of what brand is good and not over priced plz :) Tankies!
amazon, sort by ratings, get a good one. they are all basically the same, minus the caddy theyre in.
Go get the Lenovo model it is made for the small ultra tiny PCs but it is a standard USB 2.0 to Slim SATA for a laptop style drive and that drive is easily swapped for a Blu-ray or another DVD if it breaks. It also has 2 USB ports (un-powered) on the back. I have one I forget the part number off hand I will check later.
I found it it is Lenovo Part # 04X2176 I bought mine from the same seller I was sick of the cheap POS ones shipped directly from China the PCB is cheap this one is good quality and the drive is easily swapped or replaced.