USB 3.0 front-panel brackets (w/official spec header connector)


[H]F Junkie
Apr 5, 2001
So, has anyone seen them? I'm looking for something pretty much like this but with a longer cable more appropriate for front-mounting (at the top/front of my case). I've got a bracket that's almost identical to that one, came w/my RMA'd P67 MSI mobo... I think for now I might just hook up two 3-feet USB 3.0 extension cables into each of that bracket's ports and then figure out how to mount those cables up front in a bay or where my case's existing USB 2.0 ports lie...

I can't use those case ports anyway because the P67A-GD55 only has one USB 2.0 header (blah), which I'm using for a multi-card reader/USB hub. Incidentally, that Ultra reader/hub has a USB 3.0 port, but it's of the loop-back variety that plugs into your rear ports, I did manage to snake it all the way across the case w/o it being visible though... :D