[USA-WI] [H] (1) 1080Ti, (12) 1080, (8) 1060 6gb, 7970, 570 [W] PayPal, Local Cash, Crypto


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Jun 15, 2011
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Hey everyone, thanks for looking. I'm selling my GPUs that were mined for about 9 months ending in June of 2018. They've all been sitting around in storage and under dust covers this entire time. When they were mining, they were kept in a well-ventilated room dedicated for mining. Once a month, every GPU was taken out to be cleaned and blown for dust. All the GPUs are in excellent shape cosmetically and are 100% functional. All GPUs were mined at 65/150/500 or less depending on algo.

I'm in the ASIC and FPGA game now so these are just sitting and should go to a better use. I will test and assure all GPUs are working prior to shipping. I can provide more specific pictures and/or videos at request. I can also run benchmarks as well per request.

All prices are shipped to the lower 48 CONUS. I will not do international shipping and if it has to go to Hawaii or Alaska, the buyer pays additional shipping required to get the GPU to said locations. My preference is to sell to buyers with confirmed trades and/or good heatware.

PayPal works for me. If you want to do crypto then we can discuss in PM. I have multiple confirmed trades on here as well as good heatware (reference my flair). Most of these GPUs were either bought here or at HardForum so I'm simply giving them back to the community that wants them. I'm cross-posting these at various sites/forums so first-come-first-serve.

References from past buyers during my initial sale at Reddit:

My heatware: https://www.heatware.com/u/83784/to

***I am updating quantity as they are sold/added***

2 MSI 1080 Armor $350
1 PNY 1080 XLR8 $350
1 Gigabyte 1080 D5X $350
7 MSI 1060 6GB Aero $165
1 PowerColor 7970 w/ Accelero Cooler (never mined with) $100
1 XFX 570 (never mined with) $110
1 MSI 1080 Gaming X - the 2nd fan does not work, still benchmarks around 75C. amazing heatsink. under warranty until 09/19. $315



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