UPS for Fibre Convertor?


Supreme [H]ardness
Mar 22, 2015
So I discovered that after setting everything up at one site to have UPSes on all critical equipment to allow us to continue to have Internet access during a power outage that one thing in the demarc--a powered fiber to coax convertor--also needs a UPS. :(

The problem is space. It's basically a Leviton 28" structured media enclosure, but only has about the very lower left corner free. I think I remember measuring about 4x7x9" as far as the space I'm working with. The UPS doesn't have to be high capacity as the power adapter for the converter is only 12v 500ma (it's a coax connector from the power supply or I would have figured out a way to feed the converter 12v via a poe splitter) and almost anything will last a few hours. The constraint here is size.

I'm looking for suggestions on make and model that will fit in this tiny space. I know the wife would have another cow if I had yet more wires strewn around. :( Sinewave is always preferred, but I think stepped sine wave should work as I would expect this power supply to not be the ccc type (cheap chinese crap).

Thank you in advance for any assistance!