Upgrading from Sapphire Radeon HD 5870 1gb


Mar 30, 2006
I currently want to upgrade my Sapphire Radeon HD 5870 1gb

However I don't want to break the bank. I probably want to spend about $150 (I figure I could sell my card for around 50-60 on ebay) so the net price for the new card would be about $100.

What is the best card to get at that price point? should I got for the AMD R9 280 3gb???

I currently game on a 27" 1080p screen.
If you are NiB only, you should be able to swing a 280 for near $150 or so. In reality, you are in 270X range, but i recommend you spend the extra 20 or so if it comes down to it.

Nvidia has nothing at that price point which comes close to the performance a 280 provides.

If you don't mind used, i am seeing tons of 280xs at <$150 on fleabay, and even 290s starting about 190 and up.
A 280 would be good, but the 280x would be the "sweet spot" card for you to upgrade to in that price range. Worth the extra bucks if you plan on keeping it a long time like the 5870, which BTW still falls in 265/270 territory with a good oc.
I would second the 280x if you could swing it, maybe ebay for a 7970 as it is basically the same thing, or a 7950 which is the 280. You might even be able to find a 290 if you are considering used.
I would buy a second hand 280x from a hopeless miner trying to get some money back from their poor investments. In fact, that's what's what I did! lol, I got 2 280x's for $250. Bazinga!
Here's another vote for the 280x. Best card in your price range.
Don't buy from eBay if you want any sort of warranty support on your card. If you're buying new, it's worth waiting for a sale from an official source.