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Oct 10, 2010
I’ve had a few of the newer guys PM me and ask how exactly they can go about making their F@H badge. I know we already have a guide for this but it hasn’t been updated in YEARS and the Hard Folding site hasn’t worked for me since I started folding. So I decided to write a simple updated guide.

What you need

A F@H Username (That's it!)

Beginner's Folding Badge Guide

To start with, you obviously need to have an Alias for F@H. This can be done during initial setup and most everyone here has already accomplished this step.

Next, you need to head over to:
(This is also what people are referring to when they say EOC)

Once there, over on the left hand side should be a “Name Search” search bar. Ensure the “User” option is ticked and input your F@H Alias.

Click Search.

What should come up is your registered user name. This is assuming you’ve been folding with that user name long enough for an EOC update to happen.


Select your user name. Your personal stats page should come up.


Once your stats page loads you need to look up at the address bar. At the end of the link should be a string of numbers. Mine happens to be 6 characters long. Some might be shorter, some longer. What matters is that you have all these numbers and only these numbers. Copy the numbers down.


Next you’ll need to take those numbers and insert them into the following link replacing the *’s with your number.


Any time you need to post your badge, all you need to do is post that link (with YOUR numbers inserted) with
tags around it and you’ll have your badge (Remember to add http:// if adding tags manually. The IMG "button" does this automatically)…


For ease of use, you can also "Favorite" this link and attach it to your Favorites Bar so that you have it at all times without having to do all the work.

http://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/?nav=IMAGES - EOC Link to some other pretty in-depth stuff you can do with your Badge. (Thanks bigted)

*Removed Advanced Badge Tips due to outdated information/links. Feel free to take a look at THIS SITE for a GUI badge maker.

*Note: This guide was written using the Google Chrome Browser. However this should also work for any other browser.
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As soon as I get permission Ill try and add some of the "tricks" from the old page. Dont want to step on toes before hand.
much needed, that old site has been mostly broken for ages
Nice, thanks for taking the time to work this up. :)