Updated! DFI UV Project (56k warn)


Limp Gawd
Jul 2, 2004

*FUTURE* AMD Athlon 64 FX-55
*FUTURE* DFI LanParty nForce 4 Ultra PCIe
*FUTURE* ATi X850 XT Platinum Edition PCIe video card
1GB Corsair XMS PC3200C2PT DDR400
2xSeagate 120GB SATA 8MB buffer in RAID 0
Lite-On 52x32x52 CD/RW
Custom WCing kit (PolarFLO blocks, Eheim 1250 pump, Dual 5.25" acrylic bayres, clearflex 1/2" tubing)
RaidMAX Scorpio 668 (modified)
Ultra X-Connect 500w PSU

And the images!!
Remember, this is a work in progress.








Very snazzy. Some people will probally bitch about the wiring, but I think it looks fine with the UV.
I hope to do something like this in the future.
As I said, it's a work in progress. I can't really finish until I have all the parts I need, namely the motherboard. This motherboard actually doesn't work, the traces on the back are broken. I also need to find a place to mount 2 hard drives together, and put them in RAID 0.
Looks good. The first thing I thought of when I saw the close up pics of the wiring was a jellyfish. :p
if u don't mind my asking, what are you using to hold ur heatercore down? cuz i have mine in the front, and it would be nice to know, thanks!

otherwise, looks really nice...especially under the UV light...good job
I snipped the front out with tinsnips, then drilled screwholes. I put some rubber washers in to dampen vibration between the case and the radiator+fans, then screwed it in. The airflow is actually going backwards, coming in from the rear top 80mm fans and going out the front. I couldn't make it fit in any other way because of the way the fans were made.
I got the same motherboard as you, and yet i dont get that MASSIVE UV you got goin on.
How many uv's do you have?!?!

Yikes mine is so dull.....
Also I am glad you got an x-connect....I am gonna get the green one to compliment my mobo.
When I ordered the X-Connect, I was doing so on a dark monitor and I THOUGHT that it was black/orange. Turns out it's BLUE and orange...though in the dark, I suppose you can't really see the blue too well :/

I have 3 UV cathodes in there. One just died inexplicably the other day though :(
TVersetti said:
I got the same motherboard as you, and yet i dont get that MASSIVE UV you got goin on.
How many uv's do you have?!?!

Yikes mine is so dull.....
Also I am glad you got an x-connect....I am gonna get the green one to compliment my mobo.

I've got a Pretty Effectivly Lit DFI Lanparty. maybe more so than the Original poster. Although I Have not got Water cooling.

I've got two CCFL's (Three Orginally, One Of which Is borked). I've got one On the Back of my case the top of my case (This is a Fan CCFL circular) This is still pretty effective.

When I get a chance I'll post pic's it's nothing special. It's only got 6 harddisk's in it. But all my ATA/SATA Cables are UV recative. I've tryed to Keep a Red/Orange/Green Theme in it. hopefull I'll get some pics posed in 5-6 Hours.
SocceRich20 said:
Bright, but the wiring is messy, and you don't even have IDE cables in there yet.

I have a SATA hard drive, and I'm going to be ordering another one. I just need to find a place to mount them. The radiator is huge, so I needed to cut out the hard drive cage trays to make room for it. I just need an idea on where to mount them now...
Looking great, love all the UV! A little messy when it comes to wiring though, nothing a hour of cable organization can't fix!
what did you use to sleeve your psu? looks cool, and different from the conventional sleevings.
Those are x-connect PSU wires, which are modular and already sleeved then covered in a sheet of plastic to protect them. I highly recommend X-Connect PSUs.
Looks good, the only thing I don't like are the exposed cathodes. If you found a way to hide them better you got yourself a winner :)
It looks really nice with the lights off. Just leave them off! :p
What additive are you using in the liquid?

Looks exactly like my mixture of distilled water and Dex-Cool antifreeze.
I think it's light refracting off of the Clearflex, because the only th ing i have in there is Water Wetter, and a crapload of UV orange dye that didn't work for crap. DO NOT buy Voyeurmod's UV dye, it's terrible and does NOT work worth anything.





When adding my water cooling to my case, I had to cut out the hard drive trays to make the dual 120mm radiator fit. I finally decided to attach the cage at the bottom of my case using velcro. Not only does this put it in a position to get air blown across it, it also helps hide the inverters, as seen in drivesideinverter.jpg. I also put a 4" cathode to light up the mobo that will be going in it soon (DFI LanParty nForce 4 Ultra-D) It's easily removed, as show in the next pic, and also helps absorb some of the vibration put out by the drives. I also plan to get some silencing foam or whatever it's called, and put it at the bottom of the case. I also want to pain the cage with clear UV paint, design unknown, probably the DFI LanParty logo.



I like this enermax fan controller. The only thing i find irritating is its "low fan RPM alarm", and goes off every time i turn the damn thing on.


Easily removable, as shown here:









I love polarflo

X-Connect: So far, so good, nothing's been ruined...yet.

There you go..still a work in process. I'm in the process of getting a nice job (12.18 an hour, full time) and with luck, i'll have about 18 grand by september and starting school then. I still have a lot to do on the case. I want to sand off the brushed aluminum finish and put on a glossy finish, repaint some of the scratched off parts, and do some clear coat UV art inside the case.
Odd...I can see them just fine. Are they red x-ing or what? They may take a while to load.
Well, I cleared out my cache and reloaded the page, it took awhile but the pics still loaded for me. I dunno what's up with my host though. it used to be pretty fast.