Updated BIOS & now better raid 0 writes w/mixed results


Limp Gawd
Dec 3, 2016
So, I updated my UEFI to v2.10 default intel option rom from v2.00 with custom intel option rom edited by a member from a different forum long ago, don't know his username which sucks on my Asrock z75 pro3.

Specific details:
I benchmarked my 2 samsung 840 pro ssd's in RAID 0 Config before the update and after, well on UEFI v2.00 had a custom intel option rom edited by a member on a certain forums. v2.00 had the custom Intel ROM v12 and the new BIOS updated comes with v11 Intel ROM, so the writes surprisingly increased significantly = good. The big screenshot is before and the small screen shot is after, I did this test to actually make sure my system can handle 1GB/s download of FiberOptics before ordering and it does, right on the edge of 1GB/s = 942MB/s write speeds. I am set.

With v12 intel option rom

With v11 intel option rom