Upcoming niche mech RGB keyboards - Input.Club "K Type" and Keyboard.io "Model 01"


Supreme [H]ardness
Jun 9, 2003
Ladies and gentlemen. As I recently have been selecting a mechanical keyboard to replace my venerable Logitech G19, I came across a pair of really exciting projects for the keyboard enthusiast. Alas, neither of these are available currently but if you're interested pre-ordering or getting on the wait list may be advisable. Both of these are unique, custom projects and are designed with open hardware and software in mind, so I am interested in purchasing to support these endeavors philosophically, as well.

Input.Club "K Type" - Input Club ( http://www.input.club ) is the studio well known by keyboard enthusiasts for making custom keyboards and kits. Their existing Infinity Ergodox, Infinity 60%, and WhiteFox projects are well regarded and have been available on group-buy site Massdrop in both kit and fully assembled keyboard form. Building on this legacy, their upcoming "K Type" is the first RGB backlit product and comes with a host of additional upgrades. The features include...Standard Tenkey-less Layout,Fully Programmable, RGB Backlighting,, Optimal Mechanical Switch Types, Open Source Software and Hardware, Machined Aluminum Frame, andUSB Type C Connector. More information is available on their site. We don't yet have a price, but sign up for info when it debuts in 2016.

Keyboard.io "Model 01" - New company Keyboardio ( http://shop.keyboard.io/ ) is a successfully crowdfunded project to make a rather unique new keyboard. While it share some of the great features of the K Type above, like RGB per key backlighting, mechanical switches, and open software and hardware development, what sets it apart is its layout. It is particularly notable for being an ergonomic style, with sculpted keycaps and a unique layout you will need to see to fully appreciate. It is also set in an heirloom-grade maple chassis, in somewhat of a "butterfly" shape, which is aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically compliments the key arrangement. They plan to launch in summer of 2016 and you can pre-order both "clicky" and "silent" versions now for $325. They also offer a full refund guarantee. This is a unique piece of hardware and I'm eager to see how it develops in the community.

Thought you may be curious about these unique upcoming projects. Enjoy!


[H]F Junkie
Apr 11, 2001
Are there any mechanical ergonomic keyboards similar in look and feel to the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 without costing a fortune...?
Preferably blue switches.