Unofficial Toshiba L25-S119x Support Thread


Sep 19, 2004
This thread is intended to be similar to the Unofficial HP Pavilion ZE2308WM Thread, by compiling all useful and relevant info to the very nice Toshiba L25-S119x. These laptops were sold all over the place for <$400 starting on Black Friday, and have had several great sales since then.

I have listed below several support links and possible upgrades.

Software and Manuals

L25-S119 Support-Includes all downloads and specs
L25-S1192 Support-Includes all downloads and specs
L25-S1193 Support-Includes all downloads and specs
L25-S1194 Support-Includes all downloads and specs
L25-S1196 Support-Includes all downloads and specs

The L25-S119 can take Pentium M's in the 400MHz and 533MHz FSB variety. Detailed here
There will not be a huge performance increase in moving from a Celeron-M to a Pentium-M of the same clock speed, the only real difference between the two is the cache size, which doesn't make a huge difference. However battery life will improve greatly. The Pentium-M's feature SpeedStep which is the downclocking of the processor when not in use. It has been proven that these laptops do infact support SpeedStep.
Newegg carries several models of the Pentium M
One thing to take note of is 7x5 processors run at 400MHz FSB and 7x0 processors run at 533MHz FSB. Both should work fine in these laptops.
The L25-S119x takes DDR2-533 PC2-5400/5300 Memory 200pin SOdimm memory.
I personally have a 1GB Transcend stick running along side the stock 256MB in my L25-S119. I know several people on here use the Transcend and atleast one person has had verified success with the GSkill. These two brands are currently the cheapest, and have the same specs as all the other brands, so why look elsewhere?
G.Skill 512MB DDR2-533
Transcend 512MB DDR2-533
G.Skill 1GB DDR2-533
Transcend 1GB DDR2-533
With the stock laptop the L25-S119 recieves an abismal 90 minutes of battery life. When using a Pentium M with speedstep these laptops should recieve about 120 minutes of battery life under normal usage.
The stock battery is 4 cell. An 8 cell battery is for sale as well, but I am having a hard time finding it in stock anywhere besides direct from Toshiba. Theoretically, the 8 cell should double battery life.
8 cell battery direct from Toshiba Currently carrying an instant rebate, making it cheaper than other retailers. listing of 8 cell battery listing of 8 cell battery
Hard Drives
Unlike the HP ZE2308WM, the L25-S119 comes with a respectable hard drive. Depending on the model, it is either a 40GB or 60GB 5400rpm drive. The hard drives are standard ATA-6 drives.
Newegg carries some possible upgrades
Larger size, larger cache size, and faster rpms are all possible upgrades.
Optical Drives
These laptops already come with a CD Burner/DVD Combo drive, so the only upgrade would be up to a DVD Burner. I am not sure whether these fit normal slim optical drives or not.
If they do, Newegg carries some possible upgrades
All of these laptops (minus the L25-S1196) include a mini-pci wireless b/g wireless chip with antenna. I do not know whether or not they are upgradeable to a bluetooth/wireless bg combo. If somebody attempts it, please let me know.
From the ZE2308WM Thread: (THANK YOU!)
Belkin has a PCMCIA adapter and BlueTooth Compact Flash card that should work great with this laptop. Better, you can find it at the or even on Ebay for as little as $21 shipped!!

The stock drivers are fine, just a little outdated. I suggest the Omega drivers, they did give me a slight performance boost. From the ZE2308WM Thread: (THANK YOU!)
Video: ATI Omega Drivers If you want the latest catalysts, you'll have to use the Omega drivers, as the default Cats don't support the mobile GPU's. These should boost performance well over the defaults.

Touchpad: Synaptec Touchpad Drivers (thanks to Se7en1ne and ewker!)
Stock Specs
Operating System: Microsoft® Windows XP Home Edition
Processor: Intel Celeron M Processor 370 1.50GHz, 1MB L2, 400MHz FSB PROCESSOR DEPENDS ON MODEL
Chipset: ATI RADEON® XPRESS 200M Chipset
Memory: 256MB DDR2-533, 2 Slots, Upgradeable to 2GB RAM AMOUNT DEPENDS ON MODEL
Hard Drive: 60GB (5400 RPM); Enhanced IDE (ATA-6) hard disk drive; 9.5mm height; user removable DRIVE SIZE DEPENDS ON MODEL
Optical Drive: 24X DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive
Screen: 15.0” TruBrite XGA LCD display TRUBRITE DEPENDS ON MODEL
Graphics: ATI Radeon Xpress 200M 32MB (Adjustable to 128MB)
Battery: 4 Cell Battery (90 minutes battery life)

• Integrated V.92 software modem8
• 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet
• Atheros® 802.11b/g wireless-LAN9
• 2 main memory slots. Both slots may be occupied.
• 1 PC Card slot support 1 Type II, PCMCIA R2.01, PC Card16, CardBus Ports
• RGB (monitor) port
• TV-out (S-Video)
• 3 Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports (v2.0)
• External Microphone jack
• Headphone jack
• RJ-45 LAN port
• RJ-11 modem port

Physical Description for this Product Series
• Dimensions (WxDxH Front/H Rear): 13.1” (332 mm) x 10.6” (270mm) x 1.12” (28.5 mm)[F]/ 1.44” (36.6 mm)[R] without feet
• Weight: Starting at 5.88 lbs (2.67 kg) depending upon configuration
• Indicators: Power, Hard Drive, CD/DVD-ROM, Caps Lock, Wireless Communication, Main Battery Charging Status, Sleep Suspend Mode


Fan Speed: The fan does not run 90% of the time, but will rev up to full for about 2 seconds then go back down. I'd rather have it consistantly going than doing that. I have not found a program that can control the fan speed.
Graphics Identification: The Xpress 200M shows up as Generic VGA in 3DMark, but not for other laptops containing the Xpress 200M.
Memory Bandwidth: Memory bandwidth seems low, I can't figure out why though.
No Dual Channel: Despite the manual saying so, it has been reported that dual channel does not work. The 2 sticks run perfectly fine together, but not in dual channel.
Temperature Monitoring: I have not found a program that can monitor the temperatures. Speedfan can monitor the hard drive and finds another sensor as well, but that sensor doesn't seem to do anything.

If anybody has a solution to any of these issues, please let me know.


These laptops can be easily pin modded to run at 533MHz FSB.
Here is some background info
Here is a great, step by step dissasembly guide to pin modding the L25-S119x

Pleae let me know if there is anything you guys would like me to add, or if you have answers or solutions to any of the issues addressed here.

Thanks to diredesire for letting us now that the pin mod and pentium m swap is possible.
Thanks to LilKevin715 for his wonderful dissasembly and pin mod guide.