Universities and Museums Join in Effort to ‘Scan All Vertebrates’


Jun 22, 2008
About a dozen organizations are joining in a collective effort to create detailed 3D scanns of more than 20,000 animals. Starting well over 20 years ago, a University of Washington biologist by the name of Adam summers decided to try and scan every fish in the ocean. With funding of about $2.5 million from the National Science Foundation, the openVertebrate project has gone in to ""creature creep" with another scientist is attempting to scan all frogs adding to the collection. Pretty cool project.

This is a unique opportunity for museums to have a pretty big reach in terms of the audience that interacts with their collections. We believe oVert will be a transformative project for research and education related to vertebrate biology, Blackburn told the University of Washington.
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Partially backed by Hello Games and using a prototype No Man's Sky multitool scanner.