i missing something?

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[H]ard|DCer of the Month - July 2006
Sep 1, 2005

are we missing a mod????
Did marty get his way?

im scared :(

who am i going to chop now??? p[h] hasnt posted :(
It's not my place to post what happened, thats between the parties involved. If Moose wants to post something, I'll unlock this, but otherwise.... nothing to see here, move along....
Ok, so I got a lot of PMs last night and then I saw this today. I asked p[H] to unlock it for me so I could address you all. :)

I will not be going into many details here, as I don't feel it would be appropriate.

Long story short, there was a difference of opinion and I am not longer a mod here. Not sure if this is a permanant thing or not, but I assure you that I will be sticking around, organizing contests and doing my part to help this team in whatever way I can.

I would also like to say that any actions that I did take were made in the interest of this team and the democratic process. Something I believe very strongly in.

So, don't fret, Rofty....I'll be around. ;)
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