Ultra Xfinity 600w DR

Oct 27, 2004
been using this PSU and have been extremely happy with it..

Enforcing the ROE (Battlefield Rules of Engagement) for EA's Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142 I spend 8 - 15 hours a day in game and this thing hasnt missed a beat..

I've had other PSU's fail on more than one occasion but this psu seems to do the job..

review of the Ultra http://www.3dgameman.com/vr/ultra_products/600w_psu_xfinity/written_review_03.html

anyone else have any experiences with these??

system specs..

Asus P5B Deluxe
Intel C2D 6300
4g OCZ PC800
Ultra Xfinity 600w DR
Westinghouse 22" LCD LCM-22W2
Turtle Beach 5.1 Headphones
Logitech 518
Saitek Eclipse
Asus Case
LG 18x dvd burner
2 x 250g SATA WD
Logitech 3D Pro
I've been using mine 'loaded for bear'....has'nt missed a beat yet. I'm really impressed with the quality and workmanship of this unit. It has a lifetime warranty too, if registered.
I own the Ultra V-Series 500W power supply and I am happy with it. It is manufacturered by Wintech.