Ultima Online: Uo Outlands

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    Jun 1, 2004
    In fase anyone missed the launch, its the largest free shard sinfe probably 2004 (1500+ players).

    a. custom map
    b. retooled skills
    c. custom pvp , pvm stuff
    d. classicuo suppport: they support a dev who rebuilt the client in c# akd fna. 60fps+ ama play hith res

    feel free to join discord and hit me up

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  2. RanceJustice

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    Jun 9, 2003
    Ahh UO, I remember the good old days. Its nice to see games like UO and EverQuest (not to mention some newer MMOs like City of Heroes and Star Wars Galaxies) still thriving private server communities. This one seems nice!

    For those who may be interested in a UO top-down-perspective title, I've been told Albion Online www.albiononline.com is enjoyable and closer to concept. They certainly get points for supporting Linux, too!

    Those who remember UO's lead developer, Richard Garriott and some of the luminaries from the Ultima era, he has created his spiritual sequel to UO in a game called "Shroud of the Avatar" www.shroudoftheavatar.com . It also supports Linux and, unlike Albion, I have experience with SOTA since it began its crowdfunding journey. It is a full 3D title based on unity, and is certain focused for those who like "old school" UO features such as non-instanced housing, decorating, roleplaying, skill-based (as opposed to flat level based) systems, and overall is a great RP niche title. The graphics will never be CryEngine level of fidelity, but if that doesn't bother you (the Unity based setup is well made even with hundreds of players on screen and tons of interactable items), you may find a lot to enjoy as they merge neat older concepts (ie such as typing to NPCs or clicking on keywords in a conversation, like an old adventure title) with modern ones.