Ubisoft Believes Next Gen Is the Last for Consoles

Tell that to Australia and watch the people laugh.

No joke I'm on a 9Mbit down and 700kbit up connection. And it's literally the best I can get.
Anyone who thinks this isn't the trend is a fool. I hate this idea - it will be the death of paid games. Everything will become a subscription.

We do have another good 8 or so years, and I'm not sure consoles will entirely be gone by then... but I do think streaming will be a lot bigger then. Especially with Microsoft investing so strongly in the cloud, the fifth Xbox may very well be a Streaming box.

The countries are also smaller and more densely populates.
Much easier to wire a large city than a rural countryside.

Same goes for every country really. Pretty much everyone I gamed with in Europe had internet quality that was far worse than my own. And they constantly complained about horrible disconnections. Their download rates were atrocious and many of them had little options. UK, France, ect.

If you live in a good part of London you probably have a great connection. Some small suburb or rural area? Probably the same situation as the US. Maybe overall most well off European countries are better but I can't imagine it is that much better where you compare urban to urban, suburbs to suburbs, and rural to rural.
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Companies like ubisoft have been saying this for years. Still has NOT happened. it's too cheap to print the game into a media instead of hosting a server for people to log in and play.

I like owning physical media.

They keep saying this to get rid of the used game market.
And those games will last 4 - 10 years before you can never play them again because they shut them down to make room for the new batch. Can't fucking wait.

We already have that issue with MMOs and other online games... still I'm sure if there is a market some of those games will get served back up in some form. Chances are as the server gpu farms get better they won't be a big drain.

Lets just hope which ever company it is that does perhaps become the Netflix of gaming doesn't do B$ add ons to their sub prices. With the greed of some of the big publishers there is always the possibility they try and sell different tiers like ordering cable. Or some other nightmare scenario where the costs for a full on package are just insane.

If they do go and make crazy server GPU farm pushing games though, you have a point how long will they support those games ? We'll have to see. There is another scenario though where a company like Valve offers say a basic 10-15 dollar sub that has a handful of constantly changing games... but offers you streaming of the games you purchase forever. So publishers sell their brand new games for 1-2 months then they end up on the streaming service for a month or two, driving extra games. I guess I'm saying just because it's streamed doesn't mean they still can't sell you the game.
streaming is great and all, but you still need HARDWARE to play it on.....so no, there will always be next gen consoles.
my kids can use my pc when they pry my cold dead fingers from the keyboard.....
untill then they playstationing it.
So the USA is going to physically shrink in size by 60% to accommodate that too?
So much for going back and playing that game you really liked several years ago....

My kid just finished replaying the 3 original Spyro games on the Playstation 1 I still have.
Wife's been playing a couple of the old Wii games she liked from years ago.

All this goes away when they switch to streaming. Just like with Netflix.
One of the reasons I dropped Netflix years ago, is that every time I made a list on movies I wanted to watch, several of them would be removed from the service before I could watch them.
Got tired of looking forward to a Family movie night, only to have to try and find something else to watch because half my list went away.

I won't even go into Nintendo.
They still advertise the 3DSXL and the newer 2DSXL, yet there are almost no new games coming out, since all development is now going to the Switch.
Next Pokemon games are only going to be on the Switch, something that is not as portable, and costs twice as much.
Exactly. Microsoft has shut down the network to the original Xbox and Sony has shut down the network to the Playstation 2. Imagine if ALL your Xbox and PS2 games became unplayable when they did that. That's what the future of streaming is going to look like, I think this stuff is madness.
No hardware hmm, so what exactly is going to decode the compressed data for the stream?
With the current infrastructure, I just don't see how H265 (or any comparable compression) is efficient enough to transfer enough data to mitigate "felt" input lag. The only way this will ever work, short of upgrading all of the existing networks, is to design more efficient compression algorithms -- and what do you know, that requires more powerful hardware as well.

So no, dear Ubisoft whatever, hardware isn't going away; however, the home console might turn purely into a decoder for highly optimized compression algorithms.
I have used GeForce now to play Fortnite, and it actually played very well. Then load up something like Wolfenstein, and it is lagged POS, that I would call not playable.
......latency will probably suck and it would only get worse with multiplayer games.
You have to think about it in terms of the common gamer who are used to latency and could are less about hitting 60fps.
The problem with streaming is the cost of running those machines on the other end. People will be paying by the minute most likely. Everyone will be nickel and dime'd. Either by the minute or a straight yearly subscription not including the games you have to buy also. It might cost everyone more if your playing a lot of hours. Streaming might work but it will likely be a second option. There's too much lag still for certain games to work out well like shooters.
I think people don't realize that the US has poorer infrastructure than say, the EU - one of the rare benefits of socialized everything in the EU, is that when some politician's brother's cousin works for an ISP, they then can force everyone to migrate to high end broadband despite the exorbitant costs. Not much I envy Europe for, but I want to say their Networking backbone is currently 3x the speed of the US.

And everyone seems to forget when talking about the EU (and South Korea's) great internet, is because the population density of both countries is massively higher than here.

Unless the Government subsidizes the backbone going to places like Montana, West Virginia, Eastern Kentucky, hell, all of "Flyover land" we will never see Gb internet in 70% of the country, and even the minimum FCC definition of "high speed" internet is a pipe dream in rural America.
Another issue is that ISPs do not optimize for latency, only for bandwidth (well, not really, but still...) So it doesn't matter if you have a 10mb or 1gb connection latency may not improve. And I don't see that changing anytime soon. I mean do you really mind waiting 20 seconds for your netflix movie to start? how about waiting 1 second from a click on the mouse to an action on the screen?

I've been playing more with geforce now and I've found that I usually have better latency late night/early morning, but some days its just no good. Sometimes switching regions works though.
The arkam series don't seem to be affected that much by latency, but I have SF4 on my PC and the timing for performing moves just feels different from the Geforce now version. Wouldn't play VS on it.