Ubiquiti UAP-AC-IW Experiences?


Mar 12, 2006
Does anybody have experience with Ubiquiti's UAP-AC-IW , especially in a house?

I am thinking about using them in two locations that have existing CAT-5E drops that were meant for phones but have never been used for home phones. Currently only use an Asus N66U as a router and AP. I could get away with mounting a ceiling AP almost anywhere on the main level of the house, but was just thinking about trying to use those drops since they aren't used for much else.

The living area is roughly 50' x 50' with a small upstairs room that could get its own AP in later if needed.


Jul 9, 2003
They work well to cover a couple rooms. Depending on the layout of your house, 2 could cover 2500sq ft. They definitely do not have the same sized antennas as the uap-ac-pro, but they work half decent. I have one on the main floor at the front of my house, and one in the basement at the back of my house, and they provide good coverage throughout the house.


Supreme [H]ardness
Dec 23, 2001
They work well. I was in the same boat as you. My house is 2500 sq ft and they are kinda on opposite ends of the house. 1 on the first floor and 1 on the second floor. I get full coverage everywhere. They not quite as strong as the Ceiling mounted ones but pretty close. I get coverage in the garage and outside in my backyard. One extra benefit is you get 2 extra drops for at each APs for hardwired devices. Typical stability is rock solid. Never need to reboot them and speeds are good when you are close. as you move away they fall off a bit latency and stability is more important to me. I can max out my 100mbit Internet line anywhere in the house.