U.S. Navy Tests Foldable Drone Launched from a Tube


Mar 3, 2018
We already have guns designed to take out drones, but now the U.S. Navy is working on drones that can be shot from a "gun". The Nomad UAV has 2 counter-rotating propellers that fold up, and is about 3 feet tall. The whole thing fits inside a launch tube, which is pressurized with CO2 to shoot the drone out. Right now, the Navy intends to use it as an active decoy, but they're also encouraging other companies to find creative uses for it.

But the Nomad's patent application points out why its design is so awesome. "Relative to other tube-launched equivalent fixed-wing options, the (Nomad) has more payload volume, ability to hover and station keep relative to slow-moving targets, and the ability to point independent of vehicle velocity," it reads. "Compared to other tube-launched rotary-wing aircraft, (Nomads) have a larger more efficient rotor diameter, increased modularity, and can be deployed in higher relative winds and airspeeds due to the much larger rotor blade separation."

I can't find a video of this thing yet, but I'll post one if I do.