Twisted Metal.


Fully [H]
Jan 1, 2008
you stated you looked for the demo and it was gone...right..

No I ALREADY HAD THE DEMO and it has now been disabled and is no longer available for download. Read the thread, on 2/6 a bunch of us were talking about playing the demo.


Fully [H]
Jul 30, 2004
Got a chance to play a bit more last night. The difficulty ramps up VERY quickly.
The first 3 levels are a total breeze. You get 3 vehicles on each level and I don't think I even dropped below 50% health with my first vehicle on any of them.
Then all of a sudden the levels get pretty tough. You face a mini-boss on the 4th map, a race that's tough to win with the big characters on the 5th, and the full-on boss of level 6 is downright tough.
I'm not complaining about the difficulty (it's a welcome change), but if you think the game is too easy early-on - keep going!

Also, for anyone that missed out on Axel, the pre-order bonus, statistically he pretty much sucks. His stats are the worst in the game and his special seems like more like an assist than anything that evens his poor stats out.