Tweaking Z370 Hero X - 9900K

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    Mar 8, 2003
    I posted this elsewhere and not getting any traction. Mostly trying to decipher the HWiNFO stuff.

    I have a work @ home machine with the Hero X Z370, and I've dropped a 9900K in.

    Since stability is key, I'm looking for a middle ground for performance. When using mostly auto and XMP settings, I noticed that my Vcore was spiking to 1.4V+ which is unnecessary.

    I have attempted to setup the system to use the stock turbo speeds and adaptive with 1.3V, no offset (for a starting point). Edit: Now dropped to 1.25V.

    XMP Enabled
    MCE Disabled (with no response)
    AVX offset - 3
    SVID Enabled
    SVID Best Case
    Cpu Core/Cache Current Limit - Max
    Adaptive Vcore - 1.25V
    CPU Current - 140%
    Long/Short Duration - Both Max
    IA/DC LLC - 0.01

    All of the Speedstep stuff is on.

    Just kicking around and running some stress tests I seem to generally be maxing out at around Vcore=1.232V (VID 1.239V) with temps peaking at 79C with 1 hour Prime95 (no AVX). Package power <170W. I'm seeing occasional overshoot to 1.296V.

    HWINFO is flagging the following:

    -IA Max Turbo Limit
    -RING: Max VR Voltage; ICCMax; PL4
    -IA Turbo Attenuation (MCT)

    I assume the turbo stuff is normal since the system is being forced to abide by the default Intel turbo bins.

    I have no idea, even after research.. what the Ring: Max VR Voltage; ICCMax; PL4 flag is for. This is being flagged as Yes under all conditions including just idling along.

    Thoughts on the HWINFO flags appreciated. -RING: Max VR Voltage; ICCMax; PL4 is the one I'm really trying to wrap my head around.
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    Dec 14, 2006
    Yes, try the bowflex
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    Jul 20, 2018

    What are SA and IO reading?
  4. brentsg

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    Mar 8, 2003
    IO set for 1.15, reading up to 1.186 in HWiNFO
    SA set for 1.2, reading up to 1.224 in HWiNFO

    I thought maybe it was CPU current so I dropped it to 100%, still flagging that weird variable (RING: Max VR Voltage; ICCMax; PL4).

    Prob just going to ignore it but would be nice to know what it means.