Tweaking i7 7980xe Oc

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    Jul 8, 2019
    Hi everyone new to forum long time reader since other outlets kinda changed hands and crumbled. Wanted say hi to the community and ask for help tweaking setting of my rig.

    I'll list specs and al setting I use in bios. I'll get pics when I'm home. Working shifts on rigs atm. So away from rig.

    It's stable but I wanted to make sure it lost good to rest of Enthusiasts out there this is my first rig since I built a i7 4960x rig way back.
    CPU - i9 7980xe 4.5ghz 1.15v
    Cooler - Noctua NH - U12A
    Mobo - Rog Asus Apex x299
    Ram - 64 GB Corsair Dominator Platuim 3200mhz 4x16GB
    GPU - Vega FE 1650 Core 1080 HBM 2 (1120MV)
    Case Corsair 1000D
    Storage 905p 380GB M.2 (Os) 900p 280GB U.2 to Pcie(Ark) 800p 118gb(Linux Drive)
    3.iron wolf 14TB 256mb (Bulk) 750 1.2TB (steam)

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