'Twas the [H] before Christmas

Merry Christmas to all DC'ers on all teams around the world!
Just wanted to stop by and say Merry Christmas old friends, hope all is well with you and yours.

Beers and tamales, and Fold On!
Merry Christmas to all DC'ers on all teams around the world!

And have a dragon-free new year!
Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Boxen were busy and each had a mouse
The PSUs hummed, each fan without care
In hopes avoiding a bad power flare

The stats would still dance in some [H]ard Folder's heads
But not doing checking, most stayed in their beds
For those that did stray up in the night
Some found poor WUs but kept up the fight

I woke up to beeping, and thought "What's the matter?"
My UPS blinked, but I still heard disks chatter.
I shut down my boxen before they would crash,
but found no more UPS still in my stash.

With a little screw driver, so handy and quick
I just used some wall sockets and wireless NICs
Very dead was a switch, NetGear I defamed
Put faith in my Dual-Band to keep up the frames

My wife then woke up, she purred like a Vixen
We got really drunk, and we cussed more than Nixon
The booty was good, we gave it our all
Out of the bedroom and into the hall

After she slept, I heard on the roof
The satellite dish hit the snow with a poof
On the TV, nothing to be found
But via my cable, I still could have sounds

I played christmas songs and gave not a hoot
My rigs had connections and wouldn't be moot
With my wife sleeping, I checked all my stats
I checked my threat list to cover my tracks

My new heat-sink-fan, it was warm, in fact Very
But I checked all my temps, and it was all cherry
The outside was cold and all covered with snow
but the inside was toasty and LEDs glowed

At last I thanked God, that I'm able to fold
With life comes more wisdom as we all grow more old
And finally tired, I slept through the night
Knowing I'd wake to keep up the fight!

Fold on!