TV Computer Box


Jun 20, 2003
I recently decided that I want to make a computer thats going to sit behind my TV and will be able to connect to my TV when watching movies. I just need to get a new PSU, HDD, and video card that supports TV Out. The parts I have are CD-R, floppy, mobo (AOpen) and a Pentium Celeron 533mhz and enough RAM(360MB). I was wondering if the parts I have would be adequate to run movies and MAYBE a few games or would I need to go with a cheap CPU and mobo(maybe a 1.0ghz Duron?). I also would like to know if you guys have any suggestions for a cheap video card that can run s-video out that would be adequate for the job.

Thanks in advance:)
i have nib retail ati 8500dv. It has every output and input you could want. That would get the job done for you:D

EDIT: when did i become just a gawd....:confused:
A celeron 533? What kind of movies are we talking? That's really pushing your luck with some of the higher quality mpeg-4 stuff, though you might be able to get away with it, just set the codec to 'performance' instead of 'quality'...

It'll be find for DVDs etc..
i used to have a celeron 667 that did just fine and then some. I would overclock the snot out of it too, but that's just me.
Thanx for the advice, im gonna go to a few mom n pop shops to see what second hand parts I can get. Probably something around a 1ghz Duron or something close to that:)