Trying to figure out what tablet / laptop to sell / buy

Which option should I choose for my next mobile hardware purchase

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Jan 4, 2005
So I've got the hardware in my sig right now. I game at 4k on my main rig, and at 1080p on a projector on my portable system. I use a lot of portable stuff at work but they aren't work devices per se.

I've had two of the 8GB ram / 256GB Surface Pro 3's. I sold the first one because I needed to pay for some stuff (just bought a house) and the second one because I was getting ready for the "latest" hardware to come out. I also mostly used them for handwriting only....

At the time I had my surfaces I had an iPad as well, so I only used my surface for handwriting, my iPads for content consumption (magazines, nytimes, plex, youtube) and my MacBook pro for remoting into my computer at home, word processing, other tasks that worked easier with a mouse and keyboard.

My question is, I sold the iPad as well to get ready for new hardware. I was set to buy an iPad pro to go with my iOS workflow (use onedrive and word / excel on all my apple devices) and I could use the apple pencil to do the handwriting I want to do in one note.

I saw Microsoft's presentation yesterday and I was tempted to go back to the Surface Book or Surface Pro 4. I think the Surface Book could be a good in-between, but I'd be switching my workflow from mostly apple (I just bought a 128GB 6s Plus and that's not going anywhere) back to PC (except for my desktops).

So it comes down to, buy the iPad Pro and do the handwriting that I used to do on the surface (and that's the only thing really) enjoy the content consumption, and use my macbook for mobile "heavy" computing. Or should I try and sell the MacBook and get a fully loaded Surface Book? The benefit of this is I can get double the storage and ram than my current MacBook.

My Options (for my budget):
Keep MacBook Pro and get an iPad pro (128GB and LTE)
Keep MacBook Pro and get a Surface Pro 4 (256GB i5)
Sell MacBook Pro and order a top end Surface Book
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