Trying to figure out what RTX 2060 would be the best fit in my case

Jan 3, 2009
I have a Xeon E5-2667 v2 system, it currently has an old Quadro card in it as it was meant to be a workstation that I am repurposing into a gaming system.

The PSU is 675 watts... but it only has a single 8-pin GPU power connector (It's also proprietary so I can't replace it). From my understanding, this means I can safely use a GPU that uses just the PCIe port for power (Pretty much nothing decent would do this), a single 6-pin (what it has now), dual 6-pin, or a single 8-pin. So any 6+8, 8+8, or any combination of three or more connectors is a no-go.

I was pleased to see that there are many 8GB versions of the RTX 2060 that have such power requirements, I figured that's about as high as I can go without worrying about huge bottlenecks from my CPU. But now I have two more issues.

First of all, which brand would even be good? I normally go with EVGA, but there aren't a lot of options for that which would work for me as many of them tend to have higher power requirements than my PSU can supply. On top of that, my case is not that roomy so I would also need to make sure it fits.

Based on my measurements, the current card has a length of 9.5in/241mm (Although it has a support bracket that extends it to 14in(ish)/355mm... but that thing bends UNDER other components specifically designed for this case and I am pretty sure I would not be able to use with any other card) and a width of 4.4in/111mm.

And from measuring the case I seem to have a clearance length of about 11.5in/292mm... depending if the card would slide just under the optical drive cage or not, if it does it would have a clearance of about 15in/381mm.. but I would go with the 11.5in one just to be safe. And a width clearance of 4.4in/111mm... 6in/152mm if I don't put the cover on but I am not planning to run it cover-less.

This is what it currently looks like:

So any suggestions on what RTX 2060 models and brands I can go with that would fit in this case and with with this PSU? If possible, I would prefer the power connector to be on the side instead of on the top just to avoid the possibility of the case hitting the power connectors but I don't think that's a 100% strict requirement.