"Trusted Sites" detection


Apr 5, 2006
Here is the situation; I am looking for a way to detect whether a server is in Internet Explorer's trusted sites list.

The university I work at recently deployed a n new CMS, and the new system gives many many messages when students attempt to download files an view various content linked by the professors. My feeling on the thing is that people should either get used to it, or switch to Firefox, but the preferred local remedy that I am tasked to support is to add the server to the trusted domains list. Adding the server is actually the easy part, I have a downloadable script that can be opened by the user to add the single registry key.

Here is the tricky part; I need to hide the link to the script download when the site is already trusted, so that it won't take up page space. Something that simply gives a true if it's trusted, and a false in every other condition, and all without any user intervention or access to any sensitive parts of the user's PC. If there is an existing JavaScript or VBscript function that just asks what zone I am in, I can' find any information about it, and invasive things like checking for registry keys are not acceptable solutions.