Tripple buffering broken in Mantle starting in 15.7

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Mar 23, 2013
Thought I'd let everybody know that AMD somehow broke triple buffering with v-sync enabled sometime after 15.4 (I think 15.7 but I'm not totally sure, it was definitely broken in 15.8)

Here are the frametime graphs:

15.4 notice how the CPU frametime stays near the GPU frametime when the GPU can't keep 60


15.8, notice how the CPU time shoots to 30fps, pretty sure this means triple buffering isn't working


I really hope AMD doesn't drop support for games that already support Mantle, especially considering GCN 1.1 cards are still some of their best.
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Bump. This is still happening with the latest Crimson drivers. I'm still being forced to revert to 15.4.

Do any AMD reps still post here?
Is this crimson driver or no? It has a triple buffering selection now. I don't vsync anymore, I frame cap. Cap at 75 on my 60hz monitor and don't get tearing. I know 75-60 is real odd but works.
I tried the crimson driver, BF4 is supposed to have automatic triple buffering with Vsync in Mantle mode (works in 15.4). Didn't try enabling in crimson but I've already uninstalled. If somebody else wants to give it a try I'd appreciate it.
Use the reporting form, or other forums. I can't imagine AMD reps posting here... LOL...
Not a chance they will post here with everything that happens to AMD threads...