Triple Monitors (Dell 3007WFP) and Dell Active DP to Dual Link DVI adapter detect/flicker mayhem


Apr 16, 2008
I have three 3007WFP's hooked up to a XFX R9 290. Motherboard is a P9x79 WS if that makes any difference. Two of the 3007WFPS are on Dual Link DVI cables directly to the card, the third has to use the Dell Active DP to Dual Link DVI adapter. OS is Win 10 x64

Now as some background, I had all three monitors working for about a year, the problem has crept back up when I reinstalled the OS last week. A year ago I had the same issue and was able to fix it, but I have no idea what I did to correct it. I seem to recall changing something about the way that the OS detects monitors and changing that. As such I have turned off the "AMD External Events Utility" And changed its startup type to disabled. That didn't help. I have tested this on all three monitors, and they all behave the same way, if all three monitors are hooked up, the DP monitor doesn't show up, but all three start going through this detect loop. If I disconnect one monitor, doesn't matter which one, the problem goes away. So basically two monitors work, three don't, and when its three its always the DP monitor that isn't showing up.

I've tried different versions of the AMD driver, none seem to make a difference. Turned GPU scaling on and off, updated the LCD drivers. Nothing. Removed all the LCDs from monitors in device manager, nothing. Looking at event viewer I don't see much either. I had seen several posts about other Dell 27's having a similar issue and the fix was to unplug the lcd from power. I have tried that with the lcd attached to the GPU, as well as detached. I unplugged all cables from teh DP adapter as well as the LCD. I even removed all USB cables. With all the USB cables unplugged I tried the DP adapter plugged into the motherboard, as well as to a external USB charger. Neither work.

I am 99.9% sure this is software as I had the same issue before and was able to get it fixed. Thoughts on other things to try? Added a video up on this, apologies on the unstable video, but it was quick

Thanks, -[27]
Those DP-to-Dual-DVI adapters have always been touchy. Mine has to be unplugged and replugged into USB whenever I start up my laptop.

Have you made sure the adapter is on the latest firmware? Mine was incredibly unstable until I flashed it.
I would dump those panels for panels with DP ports. I'm guessing you bought those panels cheap years after the fad wore off? Imo, you're just aggravating yourself with DVI and triple panels, not to mention wasting your time. How much is your time worth, especially trying to power that with a single 290? That's something like 13 million pixels on a card that is comfortable with a 2 maybe 3 million pixel load.