triple monitor setup 25" or 27" (1440p)


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Aug 5, 2003
What would be more comfortable triple monitor setup for graphic work (3d, 2d - 3dsmax, photoshop, zbrush etc)
I'm thinking about 25 inch (dell 2515h) or 27 (dell 2715h, 2717d). I'm not sure if 27 isn't going to be a bit harsh on head movement and maybe it's better to go after smaller ppi and choose 25". What's your opinions?
I have three Dell E2715H displays. There is a lot of head turning if I have multiple windows open on each display. I like it and it's not an issue anymore. The angle I have them setup, they measure 6 feet from edge to edge (to give you an idea of how much you have to turn your head).

I upgraded from three 22" displays.


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If you are doing photoshop be sure and get a good color calibration tool so you can match all of the monitors together. That is what drives me batty the most.
Don't be afraid of 24-25" 1440p displays. I almost returned my S2417DG due to chronic allergies but it's just so good. Reminds me - time to take a Claritin...
I can tell you, subjectively, three 32" 1440p displays is too wide for productivity --- great for eyefinity gaming when the FOV works. My setup is 81" across. I end up using a single display in the middle for general everday use.

I can't speak to 27" triple screen.

I've used three 24" at work and that works just fine IMO -- though even that sometimes seems too big. if your chief use case is gaming go larger, if your chief use case is productivity - go smaller.

Triple 27" in portrait might be something to consider if they are too wide in landscape???
I pulled a trigger and got 3 u2515d few days ago but really was tormented if I shouldn't buy 2715h so I took one to try it and compare to those 25. 27 was horrible... white was yellow first of all and smaller ppi of 25 really made the things razor sharp compared to 27. I don't know if its marketing gimmick that everyone is saying that 27 is sweet spot for 1440p but in my opinion it's really 25 that is sweet spot for it. Love to hear someone else take on it.