Triple Booting - Help (Installation of Linux)


Sep 1, 2004
I own a macbook pro (Core Duo, 2 gig ram, 160gb hd). I am going off of the site.... I have installed the rEFIt loader and windows XP. Mac and Windows work fine. But i am not sure how to go about Linux. Apparently, the linux boot loading system and the mac os x boot loading system aren't the same and this can cause conflicts when trying to get a boot loader together?? Well, the site tells me to install linux/lilo and do some crazy configurating with them. The configurations of lilo i am sure i can figure out... I just am not sure where to begin... Am i supposed to install linux and lilo then in linux (through option/alt and loading that partition) am i supposed to change the lilo loader? Or how am i supposed to deal with Lilo. Is anybody able to decipher what they are saying or able to help me in another way going forward with what i already am working with.
I am trying to get Ubuntu on my system.