Tri Band Mobile


Limp Gawd
Aug 17, 2003
I didnt really know where to ask this but never mind. A friend of mine is moving to the states for a year and wants to buy a tri band phone (so it will work when she comes back to the UK), any of you americans got any advice for a cheap triband phone and could you give some price estimates? I didnt know where to look on the net all I know of is brittish phone companies.
Ookay, you're asking about triband GSM phones. The thing is, there are two bands of GSM in use in the americas and two bands used in europe and asia. 850mhz and 1900 mhz are used stateside, and 900mhz and 1800mhz internationally. In the US and canada, AT&T, Cingular, and Rogers AT&T have GSM1900 and GSM850, where T-mobile and Microcell have pure GSM1900 networks. If your friend wants a triband phone, she probably wants to get a 900/1800/1900, which will work perfectly on european networks. In that case, she'll want to use t-mobile in the US. The other form of triband phone is 850/1800/1900, which will work perfectly on any american carrier, but will not work so great in europe, because it will totally ignore the 900mhz networks there.

Now that we've got that covered, solid triband phones (900/1800/1900) include the sony ericsson t610 or t630 and siemens S55 or SL55 on the higher end, and the sony ericsson t310, motorola v60i or v66i, or siemens M55 on the lower end. Of those phones, I would recommend the M55 as the most cost affordable in terms of features for price. I'd recommend you check ebay for good prices, but beware that if a phone is "locked", it can't be used on any network other than the one it was sold for without being unlocked.
Wow thanks. I only knew of three frequencies never mind about all those others. Ill get looking for an unlocked M55 then!
I have an unlocked V60i and I love it. If you ever travel to Asia i'd go for a Tri-Band phone there, seeing as they are usually a little cheaper, the technology is newer and they are usually sold unlocked...
I have a friend that might be going to syngapore, ill see if he can get me a cheap phone there.