Tremeloes Silent Cube V350

Wow even though I can't read German thanks for the link! Btw I just ordered my v350b, thanks for the awesome pictures.
I promised some pictures...

Had to cut in the HD cage to accommodate my GFX block.

isn´t it too expensive for you to order parts from Aquatunig? (shipping,pay customs)

can´t believe you are a noobie.:p

No since I live in Sweden, a part of EU, there's no customs and shipping costs isn't much within the union :)
I had made my mind up with the Lian Li PC-A05 and after I have seen this thread now I don't know anymore. The motherboard I have chosen is mATX ... so I should get an mATX case then too:

Lian Li V-350 ?
Silverstone SG01 ?

Lian Li PC-A01 ?
Silverstone TJ08 ?

Decision Decision :( :confused:
the v350 is the best case i ever had. i would buy it again - and i will for my htpc.;)

yes, i took them.
man...those are some amazing shots. nice job on the photos.....and I wish my case were that dust free ><
This thread has inspired me to get the lian li v350 and water cool it with my mATX board I just got.

As far as the tubing where did you get it? I love how it looks.. I've never seen that before.



Thanks for the reply!

Quick question for you. If you haven't already could you post the exact parts that you used? Especially the rad.. And how you mounted it?

I am about to order the parts used like the rad and pump, resavoir..etc.
Going to get them from

I'm so excited to do this!

Does have the parts that you used for your build?

Any insight for a someone like me that has never done a water cooled rig before? (i've built normal computers and have done so every year for like the last

I am still amazed at how nice yours looks!

Thanks much,

Thank you so much!! that's awesome!

What is funny is that water pump on their site looks HUGE but in your rig looks nice and small!! Love it!
(Didn't think this was going to cost this much, but that's ok)

I do have one question about the rad on PPC's site:

Guess I am not understanding what the difference is? Do you think those would fit in the Lian Li?

Are all resovoirs pretty much equal? Or is there one size that I should look into or brand over another? And does it matter the position of it?

Since PPC didn't have your Reservoir would it be ok to run a reservoir that goes in a 5 1/4" bay since I am not going to use those at all...?
Like something like this for example:

As far as fittings I really like yours but on this link I don't see yours. I like how yours screws onto the fittings rather than just barbs.

(JUST when you think the questions are

I didn't see a fillport on your computer? Is this even needed? And I think lastly for the biggest questions what is a good size tubing to go with?
1/4", 3/8" , 1/2" and why? And what was the diameter of yours?

Lastly why would you chose the second water block over the first one for the CPU?

( i don't want you to think I am just copying you but yours seem VERY well built and planned/thought out. I just want to get some general ideas on everything that was used so that I don't put it together and find out nothing is working or I used the wrong parts..etc...)

Thanks for all the knowledge so far! :)

Guess I am not understanding what the difference is? Do you think those would fit in the Lian Li?

don´t see any difference between those two. They both will fit into the v350 but you could have a problem with longer video cards. My Rad is 273x121x30mm.

Since PPC didn't have your Reservoir would it be ok to run a reservoir that goes in a 5 1/4" bay since I am not going to use those at all...?

a bay reservoir will work fine. you can use every reservoir that fit´s into the case. it´s mor a question of taste.

As far as fittings I really like yours but on this link I don't see yours. I like how yours screws onto the fittings rather than just barbs.

can´t finde them, too. In the shop i bought them they don´t have a special name.

I don´t have a fillport. I´m using the reservoir to fill it. The tubing i use is 11/8mm. Don´t know whar it is in ". 8mm is the inner diameter.
I would take the EK cpu cooler because it is the better cooler and i want to change the e4300 for a q9xxx.

Excellent again thank you.

On the fittings that you posted I do have one question on how the connect:
For your picture I'll use this one as a reference;

From the block does the fitting screw right in, and if so what is actually keeping the hose on? I don't see another connector that screws the hose to the fitting? Is it push fit?


What is this connector used for? It looks like you are using them from all the pictures post earlier but I'm not sure if I understand the point of them compared to this piece which still looks like it needs something to make the hose stay in or clamp it in from leaking..etc.

You've been more than helpful!

Since I can't order from that over sea's site if found this that is pretty close to the fittings you used:


Thanks again,

One last question before I take the plunge.

I am also getting your Pump by Aqua Computer. I've noticed that you didn't have it hooked up via USB. Is there a reason for this? I also notice that your pump is on it's side does it matter how the pump is mounted vs. vertical up and down?

Another question for the picture that you had taken with your resevoir on the side did you have the optical drive ALSO in the lower 5 1/2" slot? IF so that is actually MORE room than I thought were in these cases!!!

I found your reservoir on PPC but I am going a different route. The Aqua Computer Aqua Tank with this style only black lian li face plate:

That way since I don't plan on having an optical drive I could possibly mount it on TOP of the chasis so you could look down OR I could get their dual bay device:

Out of this page what fittings would I need for the tubing since our pumps don't come with any?

Thanks again! You have no clue what you started in me! This is awesome!!!

made some changes the last days. i removed the hd cage so the pump has some more room. developed a little suspension which should remove the vibrations of the pump, too. last im made a little hole into the optical drive bay so i can directly connect the dvd drive and the hd (which is mounted above the optical drive).

This is an incredible build, amazing work, I was planning on getting a Shuttle but I think I will follow in your footsteps and build a watercooled V350!

What length is your 1950? and what do you think is the max length of a video card that would fit?
Thanks Tremeloes, Truly inspiring build! I can't wait to build mine after my exams in June

I will be back with more questions for the master soon! :D


I love it.

May I ask for a picture request?

Can you take a picture like this but turning the computer so the other side is facing us with your new mod?
I am curious on how the res is mounted now.

Thanks much!

this ist what i can show you. from the other side you will only see the psu...and cables.


new viedeo card is ordered. a xfx 8800gt...

Last question in looking at your setup.

I've noticed that it seems like you have the order of the flow a little different than all the pictures I have been analizing.

From what I saw in previous threads:
Reservior>Pump>CPU>Radiator>Reservior (return)

Yours looks like the CPU is pulling the water from the radiator rather than putting water into the radiator? Do I have this correct? If so why did you choose to go that route?

i have

Pump-> Rad-> Cpu-> NB-> Reservoir-> Pump

first: it´s a simple question of space. i will integrate the gpu next week than it will be
Pump-> Rad-> Cpu-> NB-> Gpu-> Reservoir-> Pump
for me that is the tubing

second: why not? after a while the watertemperature is everywhere the same.
Very nice waterblock and setup Tremeloes!

I own a V350 (silver) too.
May I ask what type of front bezel you use for your CDROM drive?
I always tought the original Lian Li- bezels don't fit on V350 cases?
after 4 weeks i finally got my MB back from Asus.

hiding cables:

all cables are under the mb tray...

and that´s how it looks now:

made some light with my flashlight:
Very nice build... and damn, you take some great shoots.