Tradeoffs Between GDDR6 and HBM2

Dang, now I need to buy a data-center to hang with the cool tech kids. Kyle's $500k entry level Intel gaming box was just the...entry level.
Thanks Cagey! Really enjoyed watching this and it was nice to learn about HBM2 on a level I can understand. His visual on the board really kept it simple.
Excellent discussion on PHY die space, and bus power usage.There definitely is a future in HBM.

But he doesn't highlight the fact that the memory chips use the exact same amount of power, But the I/O power is usually around 25% of the total power used by the memory subsystem, so you're looking at saving 10-20w vs 256-bit GDDR6, and 20-30w versus 384-bit GDDR6.

This is the reason AMD sticks with HBM2 for their Radeon VII: they would have a hard time adding 30 more watts to the mix, and still getting design wins.
Thanks. All the videos on that channel are informative and relatively easy to follow for non-engineers.