Torchlight II Pre-Order $20, 4-pack $60. Comes with TL1.

In terms of scale, Torchlight II is close to 4x the scale of Torchlight 1 as far as assets go, and probably close to that as far as playtime. Ideally, the multiplayer that everyone has asked for will further increase the longevity of the game (we certainly hope so!) These are all new assets as well ( some monsters and weapons return from Torchlight, but they have all been recreated, or in the case of some individual weapons and shields, updated and repainted )

Now thats what I call value...
Really looking forward to this game. However, I think they are targetting a month before Diablo IV releases to finally put this out, so I have to try to ignore my longing to play it for now.

Four days. The deal is still live, but I wonder if it will change at release.

I think it will change after release...because it says "pre order now and receive Torchlight 1"

At least thats what I think
Did they ever specify if there was gonna be a Mac version?

Yes it will come out later and if you buy the steam PC version, you get it for free when it's released (like the original Torchlight).

FYI if you are a gamefly member you can get it for $18 and they will give you a steam key.
Hmm, wonder if it'd run alright on last year's Macbook Pro... I'd get an additional one as a gift if that's the case.
alright myself mt bush releon124 and luis 1985. can either of you 3 make the initial purchase? I only have about 45 bucks in my account for the next few days x_x
as stated above if someone else is organizing a group buy, i'm in. I just cant be the original purchaser because i have (even less) money now.
Anyone willing to pick up a 4 pack? Looking for a group buy and I am ready to join in please pm me :)
down for two copies out of a 4 me

Edit: Went ahead bought a 4 pack..have two extra copies... pm if you want one or both.

Edit: All copies accounted for.
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So I'm still looking to trade some of my Steam games for a copy of TL2. Finally got TL1 in the new Humble Bundle, so I don't need that.

If anyone's interested in trading, let me know (PM). Here's the games I currently have for trade (and TF2 keys, if you're into that):

Shogun 2
Project Freedom
Max Payne bundle
Frozen Synapse 2-pack
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Items I have available to trade for TL2
Bunch of Heroes
Payday the Heist
Orcs Must Die 2
Darkness II
The Force Unleashed II

(I am also interested in a group buy)