Took the plunge - Vive Pro 2 + Valve sensors/knuckles


Sep 3, 2006
After about a year of waiting for the base stations to be in stock, I finally ordered 2 of those plus controllers from Valve, and a Vive Pro 2 headset. Of course I'm getting Alyx, and picked up Croteams VR bundle a while back in anticipation.

My placement options are my cramped computer room with a 5800X/6900XT or more open living room with a 12400K/6750XT that could upgrade to a 6800XT.

I've been thinking about getting into DCS World, but that could be a very expensive rabbit hole between software and controllers.

Any setup or software suggestions?
DCS World is incredible, but you need the absolute fastest possible CPU and graphics card you can possibly get for it. I have a 5900X and 6900XT, and they're really just adequate. Still lots of reprojection during anything but straight and level cruise. Also yeah, you really NEED a sim cockpit for DCS. It has a billion controls, and there's no way to do the elaborate key combinations with the headset on. It's not an efficiently coded game, and relies heavily on just one or two threads, so the fast Intel CPUs seem to have an advantage.

I don't personally play stand-up games that much. IMHO, the current state of VR lends itself really well to cockpit games, since they generally simulate sitting in a chair in a literal sense.