Too many options. What should I use to cool my 7700k


Aug 5, 2016
I'm building a new gaming box and have everything figured out except for the cooler. I can't decide, there are too many options. I will be overclocking the 7700k as high as it will run at a reasonable voltage. I'm building in a Phanteks Enthoo-Evolv ITX case which has tons of room for large air coolers and has space for 240/280 rads. I'm using Corsair Vengeance LPC RAM so that shouldn't get in the way for most coolers. I don't like that the large air coolers cover up the entire board but I can't find an AIO that I really like either. Well, except for the Deepcool Gamer Storm Captain 240 EX but that has several recent review that suggest significant leaking problems.

I don't really have a specific budget but I can't really see myself spending more than $100 on cooling.
Jump into that case with the basic Corsair AIO approach just as hundreds have before you. Otherwise buy tower Noctua cooler.
Thermalright, or Prolimatech. Always the right answer, assuming you aren't going full on custom watercooling. Given your budget... you aren't.

Deepcool's AIOs are shit, terribly built. Don't even consider them.
I would recommend a Corsair AIO cooler that fits your budget. They're as good as the massive tower coolers, but you get the added bonus of having the radiator on a case exhaust so that you can dump the warm air directly out of the case.
I would highly recommend an NZXT cooler. I recently upgraded my rig from the H100i to the Kraken X61. I like the CAM software a bit better than Clink.
The Cadillac of Air Cooling of course,

Noctua NH-D15

Read their review on the Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer 120. I've got one on my 2600K and another on my 7700K. Inexpensive and exceptional.

They have a 240 (dual) if you need that much extra cooling.
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