Today's deal: EVGA b stock PSUs + accessories


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Mar 4, 2007
EVGA has b stock power supplies on discount for today, some good deals. Expires 11:59pm pacific time.

The 2 850w units I bought a few months back have worked great and looked brand new, BUT did not come with molex (I had to call them after the fact to get 1).

You can use my associate code if you like to save 10% at checkout. I get a portion of the savings FYI.

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Temping need another backup PSU for my TrueNAS/Unraid servers but debating if I should hold off a tiny longer for Black Friday deals o_O
EVGA PSU (white label) have been nothing but bad juju for myself and others, you may want to do a few searches on them before purchasing.
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I have personally had great results with these PSUs. The key is to keep expectations in-check. It's probably not a good idea to use these lower-wattage white-label PSUs for higher-powered gaming systems with a discreet GPU and/or overclocked CPU. But they are great for lower-wattage systems using integrated video or when someone has the PSU in their 15 year old Core2Quad die and they just want to get it up and running again without breaking the bank.
In for the $30 700 BR. Needed a decent backup PSU and this is perfect for the $. I used your code also - thanks for the heads up and the code!
I have like 3 cheapo EVGA PSUs on some mining machines. no issues. I think i've had 1 power supply go bad on me in my lifetime of computers and I have some VERY questionable PSUs running 24/7 right now. just bought a b stock 550 yesterday
No GPUs at the moment though except the 210 that isn't eligible for step up
Correct. There were some good psu, keyboard, and capture device deals though. The brand new keyboards are also on promo currently