Tivo-to-PC case mod (Phillips HDR112 case)


May 26, 2006
I had a bit of fun converting my old Phillips HDR112 Tivo to a PC:

Here's the list of PC parts swapped into this case mod.... all of this stuff, except the PSU, was collecting dust - prime for a project. (The PSU was $30.00 from Newegg.)

CPU: Intel E6700 Core 2
MB: Gigabyte GA-G31-ES2L Rev 2.0
Memory: 4GB Patriot Extreme DDR2 800
PSU: Athena Power AP-MTFX30 300watt
GPU: EVGA 8400GS (GT218 GPU)
HDD-1: WD 250GB (Windows Home Premium 32bit)
HDD-2: Seagate Barracuda 640GB (OSX 10.6.8)
Case: TiVo Series-1 (Phillips HDR112)


The Video card bracket was easier than I thought it would be. (though a little unfinished looking.) I used a jigsaw to cut an opening just big enough for the DVI & HDMI.
To secure the card to the back of the case, I used the low profile adapter (cut down of course) and was able to lock the card in place by cutting a 1/8" slot for the adapter to sit in.... the adapter has a folded ridge on most of its right side that makes for a nice placement "lock".

I was able to use the green power and red HDD LEDs from an old case, along with some hot glue, to make the lights on the front work.
The 2 silver "buttons" on the back right of the case are the power & reset... also from an old case.
No ODD with this setup, though I can hook up an external if needed.
Since it's a pc that only runs for about 1 or 2 hours a day for entertainment while I'm working out, it's perfect.
With an ambient of 20c, the CPU gets to 50c. I'm sure I could do some work on the back of the case to improve the airflow, but the temps seem "ok".

Though it's not Uber... it was a fun project, and works well for what I wanted. :)
Great job!

I have had an old Panansonic Showstopper on the shelf for years just for this purpose. I never got around to it but seeing this has sparked my interest in it again.

Gathered up my parts....
MSI E350IA-E45 Mobo with AMD APU
Kingston 90gig SSD
350 watt PSU

Time to build.
Thanks for reminding me ;)