"Tiny Tine's Wonderlands" load screen 'vibrating'?


prairie dog
Nov 7, 2005
This is the first full screen, shows 'logging yournamehere in'. If you look at the letters, the background kind of vibrates. Of course it might be my trusty 1080ti getting ready to go to the great graphics hunting ground in the sky, or my eyes are getting ready to go. But I DO see the small vibration of the background referenced to the fixed font of the logging in message.
Does it effect anything? Does it do it anywhere else? Is there any other sign of a problem?

If not, ignore it. You can literally exhaust yourself to death if you pay attention to microscopic things that arent quite right with computers and games, and never get an actual answer. Thus, if it doesnt do it in any other game, doesnt effect the game play, and no other issues than on the very first loading screen, not worth the effort to figure out.
Nah, nothing else noticeably wrong, it just weirds me out, game runs pretty smoothly at almost max settings. It's just those little shifts back and forth......