Time Travel Might Be Mathematically Possible:

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Supreme [H]ardness
Dec 19, 2005
"Reversible dynamics with closed time-like curves and freedom of choice

The theory of general relativity predicts the existence of closed time-like curves (CTCs), which theoretically would allow an observer to travel back in time and interact with their past self. This raises the question of whether this could create a grandfather paradox, in which the observer interacts in such a way to prevent their own time travel. Previous research has proposed a framework for deterministic, reversible, dynamics compatible with non-trivial time travel, where observers in distinct regions of spacetime can perform arbitrary local operations with no contradiction arising. However, only scenarios with up to three regions have been fully characterised, revealing only one type of process where the observers can verify to both be in the past and future of each other. Here we extend this characterisation to an arbitrary number of regions and find that there exist several inequivalent processes that can only arise due to non-trivial time travel. This supports the view that complex dynamics is possible in the presence of CTCs, compatible with free choice of local operations and free of inconsistencies.

We have developed a characterisation of deterministic processes in the presence of CTCs for an arbitrary number of localised regions. Our proofs have demonstrated that non-trivial time travel between multiple regions is consistent with the absence of a logical paradox as long as once the outputs of all but two regions are fixed, at most one-way signalling is possible.

The most significant result of our work is our discovery of distinct non-trivial quadripartite process functions which are compatible with the presence of CTCs. This demonstrates that when multiple local regions communicate with each other in the presence of CTCs, there is a broad range of communication scenarios which still allow freedom of choice for observers in each region without the development of a logical inconsistency such as a grandfather paradox. The range of distinct communication scenarios which are consistent with the presence of CTCs proves that the way CTCs allow multiple observers in distinct regions to communicate is not overly restricted by a conflict between locality, freedom of choice, and logical consistency. As a result, we have demonstrated that there is a range of scenarios in which multiple observers can communicate without causal order in a classical framework. Our results are derived in an abstract framework, that does not depend on the details of the dynamics or of the space-time geometry. Further studies will be necessary to find genuine physical scenarios realising the acausal processes we have discovered."

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