TigerDirect selling HP Touchpads at 2:30PM EST today

Actually android tablet adoption is pretty shitty, webOS probably has similar if not higher tablet market share.
Oh believe me I was the biggest WebOS supporter. I owned the Palm Pre for over two years and I had every intention of moving to the Pre 3 before HP killed it.

The OS might as well be dead. Android and iOS own how much of the market now? There's no catching up to that, especially with the absolutely dreadful history of WebOS.

It's kind of sad, actually. WebOS really is an excellent platform for the tablet form factor. If it had scaling support for legacy WebOS phone apps and it had launched with more TouchPad-specific apps in the store, I think HP could have saved it. I've got CM7 running on here, but WebOS is better at everything besides apps so I hardly use it.
I don't think they were any worse off than appl when they launched, at least apps wise.
I don't think they were any worse off than appl when they launched, at least apps wise.

That's was the big problem. Apple already has the market share, so a new device can't come out on par with Apple when it realeased. They have to come out of the gate equal.. if not better... than Apple if they want to make waves and gain any traction.

I still love my HP tablet and haven't had the chance to install Android on it yet. WebOS does everything I want for now. All I really wanted was an email app, internet access, and a PDF/book reader...
HP Touchpad is still a viable product. I got one off cashback dollars from my Amazon Credit card, and I am going to get a Kindle Fire too. Gonna use the Touchpad for Skype and for accessing my alarm system, and the Kindle Fire for what the Fire does best...Nothing wrong with a Touchpad, especially at that price point...