ThunderX3 TGC12/15/22 for 130€. Is it worth it?


Mar 18, 2020
So a Gaming Chair seller in my vicinity went insolvent and has the following Chairs to sell left.

ThunderX3 TGC12
ThunderX3 TGC15
ThunderX3 TGC22

for 130€, is it worth it? I found mixed reviews online, some praising it to be very comfortable, some stating that it lasts a short while before dying.

So I wanted to ask here, whether its worth it to buy one. I dont have that much of a Budget and would buy a Chair for at most 250€, but I would rather not pay that much. I need a chair with headrest, bc my neck starts hurting after a while. Ergonomic office chair with headrest are at least 400€, which I just cannot afford. I was also thinking about buying a Markus at Ikea as alternative.

Help would be much appreciated.

Best Regards